Jane Ann

Jane Ann McDowell, the eldest, married Joseph Hansard at the “Scots Church” on January 27, 1875. Her husband, part of the famed Hansard family who originated the “Hansard Parliamentary Reports” became well -known in his own right. From an article at the Waterford Museum online:
Hansard, Joseph (1835-1909)Publisher & Historian
Joseph Hansard was born in Tipperary in 1835, the son of Lewis Hansard, an accountant. Hansard’s grandfather was married in Tipperary in 1798 to a daughter of Joseph Lamphier. His aunt, Jane Hansard was married there in 1828 to Charles Frederick Anderson, architect, of Lower Glanmire Road, Cork. Hansard’s son wrote about him in 1924: ‘Owing to circumstances my father when very young went to a relative who had the Clonmel Chronicle to learn the printing’.
Hansard is thought to have arrived in Dungarvan around 1860 and set up a printing office in Main Street. Hansard was printing by March 1861 when he received a cheque for printing from the Town Commissioners. On 3 August 1862 he married Mary, daughter of Robert Jones – (d. 9 April 1871 aged 82) a cabinet maker of Main Street. Hansard and his wife Mary had two daughters born in Dungarvan, Margaret Maria, born 5 May 1864 and Mary Josephine on 14 September 1868. In 1869 he designed an illuminated address which was presented to Queen Victoria’s son, Prince Arthur Patrick, on his visit to Lismore Castle. In 1870 he printed his best known work: – ‘The History, Topography & Antiquities etc., of the County and City of Waterford, including The Towns, Parishes, Villages, Manors & Seats’ the book is dedicated to John Henry De La Poer Beresford, 5th Marquis of Waterford.
In December 1871 he published the first issue of the Dungarvan Gazette & County Waterford Advertiser. This was a weekly newspaper of four pages and cost two pence. A complete issue of the newspaper is held at Waterford County Museum. It is issue number 4 dated Saturday 13 January 1872. The final issue appeared in 1875.
In 1879 Hansard left Dungarvan and settled in Killarney. He opened a book shop in High Street and seems to have given up printing. Hansard died in 1909. The Munster Express of 27 November 1909 carried an article on the death of Hansard in Killarney. It states that he ‘was a gentleman of very wide resources, highly cultural and intellectual and possessed an inexhaustible fund of general as well as historical information’.

So, upon finding this, I found myself like most family historians, attempting to reconcile the information in the article with what I already knew about Jane and how she fit into it. Obviously, there is no mention of Jane, perhaps through propriety. I actually wrote to the Museum but received no response. However, I found a death record for Mary Hansard dated 1874, so that worked. With Joseph and Jane marrying the following year, one assumes she was known to him previously, one year being a very short time for mourning.

Joseph set up shop in Killarney in 1879, the year that the couple’s last child, William was born.  I suspect that they may have had two homes, one in Tipperary and one in Killarney. Sarah Jane was born in 1876, Alice Geraldine in 1877 and William Joseph in 1879, all in Tipperary. In the 1901 Irish Census we find the couple in Killarney with the two younger children while Sarah the eldest visits with her Aunt Alice in Tipperary.

Joseph died in 1909 leaving the shop to Jane where we find her again with the two children Gertie and William in the 1911 census. Jane died in 1929 leaving the shop to the two children where they continued to work. In 1931 according to the memoirs, Gertie visited her Aunt Agnes in Dublin and reported that she was given to seizures for which there was no cure. She died in 1933. Apparently, her brother had already died. I have no death record for William.

Sarah Jane Hansard married Ephraim Phillips in Dublin in 1910. When I saw the name Phillips, my ears perked up. One always hopes. My grandfather’s family (Phillips) were land agents in Tipperary and Ephraim was a “rate collector” in Dublin. Slightly similar perhaps. I shall be reading Joseph’s book on Waterford at Google Books until I can find a copy of it somewhere.

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  1. Am very interested in the Hanserd/Hansard Family. My husband’s ancestor is John Hansard who had four children: Lewis, Joseph, Mary Jane and Maria. The line continues with Joseph. Would be very interested to know if you have any additional information. Thanks, Patti


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