Alice McDowell  became the mainstay of the farm at Lisheenamalausa, Tipperary in later years . There is no evidence that she married. She had a reputation as a cattle dealer in her own right and worked along side the men in the family. In 1901, we find her at the Tilery with four of her nieces Sarah Hansard, Isabel Fraser, maternally orphaned, and my two great aunts, Sophie and Evelyn, whose parents had also died. Isabel’s brother and sister were staying with my great aunt Agnes in Dublin and my grandfather Richard and his brother George were at the Kings Hospital School in Dublin. These were the siblings of Sophie and Evelyn.
I sometimes get a sense that things were sometimes a little wild  at the farm. Alice died “of the drink” you might say, cirrhosis of the liver and dropsy. That was in 1904. To me, this somewhat parallels the way that William died. He took off for some reason in a pony trap and ended up with his neck being cut. What had taken place prior to that is hard to tell but it appears there was some disagreement about the sale of the Tilery. The cart tipped and he apparently cut his neck on a scythe which he had just bought. He got home and had a large amount of cash on him. Later, talking to Agnes, he said he had been forced to sign something but didn’t know what it was about. To me, this hints at the possibility of dementia. But it is certainly understandable that William wouldn’t want to sell the farm. There was a codicil to his will but there seemed nothing untoward in it. A change in the way the properties were dispersed to his granddaughters and the addition of more executors.

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