Beloved Sarah

Sarah McDowell, fourth daughter of William and Sarah was a dark, pretty girl, born sometime around her parents move to Tipperary from England.

Sarah McDowell

Sarah McDowell

Not much was written about her but she is described as “beloved” on the family gravestone. In 1884, she married James Fraser, son of Robert Cumming Fraser, a land agent from Aberdeen, Scotland. James is described in the memoirs as  ” a cattle dealer, a feckless man who made money and enjoyed spending it …”

In 1885, a son, Robert was born, followed by Margaret Isabella in 1887 and Rose Isabel in 1890. As stated before, Sarah contracted puerperal fever and died in 1893. At that point, Robert and Margaret were taken in by Sarah’s younger sister , Agnes in Dublin. Rose Isabel went to the Tilery, James apparently not fit to look after the children himself. By the 1911 census, the children now in their 20’s were back living with him on Charleville Road in Dublin. Robert Fraser emigrated to Australia, Margaret (Madge) married Thomas Finch who worked for the British Colonial Service . She lived for a period of time on the Gold Coast (now Ghana) and had 3 boys. Rose (Isabel) sang on stage in London. James died in Dublin, 29 March, 1912.

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