After their marriage in 1883, “Ebby” followed George up to Parsonstown, Kings County where my great-aunt Sophie, was born. It is interesting that she did not go home to have her children but perhaps her youngest sister Sophie came to help her, hence the naming of the baby. I am quite certain that George was a bookkeeper for the estates. His son’s ship’s record states that he is a bookkeeper. Parsonstown, now Birr, was an elegant market town known for it’s Georgian architecture.

The birth of Sophie was followed in 1896 by that of William Henry, in 1888 by George Holmes Jr., who was born at Woodlands, Parsonstown. There were reports of William dying of typhus when he was young but I have not found an appropriate death record for him. Then the family moved to Ollatrim, down the road from Dublin, where Richard Walker, my grandfather was born at Carraway, in 1890. In 1893, Ebby had a little boy, Evan who died within a year.  In the previous year, her mother had died, and in the same year her sister Sarah died of puerperal fever right after Evan .

Shortly after that Ebby had a little girl, Evelyn baptized in May 1894. Then in 1896 Ebby  died from an embolism (blood clot), commonly occurring during pregnancy. The duration of illness was 4 hours so one wonders if she didn’t die during childbirth. The family story is that she was buried with twins in her arms. She died at Curraghaneety, Toomevara in Tipperary. Below is her obituary from the Nenagh Guardian.
Nenagh Guardian, Weds Aug 2nd 1896.
Deaths :On the 31st July, at Curraghaneety, Elizabeth (Ebby) the dearly beloved wife of George Phillips, aged 35 years. Deceased was interred in Ballycormack (now Borrisnafarney Church of Ireland) churchyard on Sunday last, the funeral being attended by a large number of the gentry and farmers of the district.

 A few years later, in 1899, George, died of typhus in Moneygall.    

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