As the Twig is Bent…

In many ways, Alex Fraser mirrored Agnes’ beloved father. Like William, he was a man of great energy, drive, ambition and not a little charm. He was born 25 June, 1851 in Forveran, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. His father, Robert Cumming Fraser had come to Ireland as agent (steward) for Lord Waterford whose family seat was at Curraghmore House in Waterford.
Robert then took up a position with Lord Hawarden of Tipperary. Hawarden had a reputation for being a harsh landlord but by this time (1885) things may have settled somewhat with the passing of the Land Act.

Robert and Jean Fraser

Below, the Family Register showing Alex and his siblings.

Fraser Family Register

Fraser Family Register

Later in life, after Jean’s death, Robert went to live with Agnes and Alex in Dublin where he and William would engage in heated discussion over the Sunday sermon at Adelaide Road Presbyterian. He died in 1905. The James Fraser above married Sarah McDowell, Agnes’ sister. So, two brothers married two sisters.

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