Brothers All

Agnes and her family left the Union and eventually set up house at 4 Kenilworth Park, Dublin. On the night of the 1911 census, all the children except John Henry (Jack) were present, the family playing tag-team to make sure everyone was looked after. Each of the children had their own experience living there, the two central figures being Alex Victor and the youngest girl, Sophie. They both remained single and brought in incomes which helped to keep the house going. At some point after 1930, they would be living at 42 Westfield Road in Dublin which later became known as Feldberg.

Alex, the second son, was born October 31, 1887. After his father died, he became the mainstay of the family. He had attended St. Andrews College with his brother William in Dublin and started out as a clerk in the Paymasters office of the Great Southern Railway, the same place his father had worked as a young man. He went to war in 1914 as part of the South Irish Horse.

Alex and Agnes had 4 other boys. William born 1886, was a builder and built the two houses on Westfield Road, Dublin.. As I said before, money was lost on the project and the second house meant to provide an income for Agnes had to be sold.
Robert (Roy) was born 1893 . He was an ambulance driver during WWI and settled in England after the war.
James Arthur (Artie) born 1895, was a pilot during WWI After the war he became agent for Lord Letterkenny in Donegal.

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