The Only One

Agnes, the daughter, was my grandfather’s cousin and my cousin “twice removed. As the only girl among 5 brothers, she took part in their games, breaking her arm twice and cutting a tendon in her hand. Her brother Alick,(Alex) and her had many adventures coming home from school “the long way”, passing through liveries and tenements on the way. Being her father’s pet, she would go on trips with him to the Union suppliers where she waited outside in the “slummy” streets. As a child, she contracted small pox while visiting with the Union nuns and spent quite a bit of time being ill. She was an “accomplished” young lady who could play piano, embroider and  paint watercolors .

Agnes and her cousin Madge would often spend their holidays with Aunt Sophie at the Bates home in County Meath. She was sent to Alexandra College a progressive school which would allow her to achieve the success at study her grandfather had so fervently believed in and her mother had not been allowed to attain. She married Cecil Jeffares in September, 1919 in a double-ringed ceremony with Madge (Margaret Fraser) and Thomas Finch. They had two children, Derry and Adele.

Agnes died in Leeds, West Yorkshire in 1970.


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