The Smith Family of Coatbridge, Scotland

While Richard was living life at boarding schools in Dublin, Jane, his future wife, was growing up in a bustling family of iron-workers in Coatbridge, Scotland. From Wikipedia: ” Gow is a Scottish surname. The name is derived from the Gaelic gobha, meaning ‘smith’.[1][2] The name is represented in Scottish Gaelic as Gobha.
The Gow surname is associated chiefly with the Perthshire and Inverness-shire part of the Scottish Highlands and is part of the Clan Chattan Confederation and a sept of Clan Macpherson.” In other words, the name Smith is an occupational name and was originally Gow. Clan Chattan was one of the main forces at the Battle of Culloden where Bonny Prince Charlie’s claim to the throne was defeated. There is in fact a particular story related to the Smith involvement in a battle at the North Inch of Perth in the Spey Valley. Below the Gow tartan.

The Gow ( Smith Tartan)


And the clan crest.

Gow CrestThe name Gartshore from Jane’s mother, Marion Reid Gartshore, is a “locational” name from Kirkintilloch in Dumbartonshire, Scotland. It is a very old name, recorded as early as the 13th century. At the beginning of the 19th century (which is my earliest census of the family) the lands passed over to the Murray baronets . The crest and motto are on the linked page.

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