The Gartshore Estate

It is really thrilling to see how your family might have been connected to historical figures. Right now I am looking to see if the Gartshore family had any connection to Robert the Bruce. We do know that the family goes a long way back in Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Information on the Gartshore Estate is at this link.

The original land was granted in the 14th century. A house was built in the 17th century which was demolished and rebuilt by William Whitelaw in 1887. It was a beautiful place which included stables and a Quaker burial ground for the Gray family who had married in. Again, part of my grandmother’s family. Sadly, the house was demolished in the 1950’s. Their are ruins there but the stable block has been kept and converted into residences.

Gartshore House

Gartshore House

Gartshore Stables

Gartshore Stables

Interestingly, the owner of Gartshore had interests in the coal and iron industry in Coatbridge where the Smiths and Gartshores lived and worked.

13 thoughts on “The Gartshore Estate

    • Hi, I am doing some research on the Gartshore Estate and came across this post and your reply. I’d really like to speak with you about any information you have if you would be willing. Best Regards, Ursula


  1. Hi, I am doing some research on the history of the Gartshore Estate and the people that lived there. I enjoyed reading through this post and would love to speak with you further. I hope this message reaches you well.

    Best Wishes,


    • Hi Ursula,

      I actually do not know too much about the estate except for what’s at this link.
      The land was originally granted to a John Gartshore by the Earl of Buchan, Alexander I’s right hand man.

      There does not seem to be that much information. I believe that there was a Gartshore under Margaret Thatcher and there is a more illustrious side to the family. However, in most families there are 2 brothers that branch off and go their own ways. My family breaks at Joseph Gartshore and that family were mostly miners and steel workers. There was a John Gartshore who opened a steel mill in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. His son Alexander took it over and became quite wealthy and later established a Waterworks. You can look at this link.
      I think otherwise for this family, you are looking at information which may be at the local library in Scotland. Or you can get records for your more immediate family from Scotlands People. Much of the information in Scotland is still in local hands. Do you know where you fall in the family tree?


      • Hi Yolanda, Thanks for passing that on to me, it’s a great help! I am just interested in the history, but have no family links to the Gartshores. The main things I have found are related to Quaker involvement, immigration to the US/Canada, and mining involvement. would you be willing for me to email you if I have any further questions? Best, Ursula


  2. My grandpa is a Gartshore, born and raised in Scotland. Traveled to the US years ago. I remember my mother telling me about an estate/castle within the gartshore family name. I’ve never personally traveled to Scotland to see it for myself, and from history it looks as though ill never get to experience our family history. I planned on a trip to the UK next year. Half my family is from Scotland, the other half is from England.


    • Hello! Thanks for your comment. I would love to know more about your family. Most of my grandmother’s family were steel workers in Coatbridge. They had come down from Ayrshire. If I go I am definitely going to Dumferline to see the Bruce’s tomb. You can trace your family through the Scottish censuses. Y


  3. If you haven’t already done so you should contact Graham and Fraser Gartshore who have spent years gathering information on the Gartshore Estate and the name… can find them on facebook there is also a face book page called Gartshore Family Worldwide. ..we had a wee tour of the estate yesterday. …


  4. Hi. I am not connected to the Gartshore family in any way, however, having only recently discovered its existence, I have become fascinated, maybe even obsessed with it. Sadly, in the past year or so, many people have discovered the estate due to wandering about to relieve the stress of covid 19. This has inevitably resulted in some vandalism, mainly at the stable block, where most of the windows have been smashed and there is also evidence of an attempt to set the building on fire. There is talk locally of developers possibly destroying the estate and building houses, perhaps they are just waiting till the pandemic is over. It would be sad to see this beautiful estate converted to a modern housing estate, many wild creatures would loose there habitat, and the people who care about the estate would be deprived of a beautiful and tranquil place to walk. Just thought you might like an update on the current state of the estate.

    All the best,

    Stewart Davis.


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