Heads Down

Currently, I am viewing the online vids from the Rootstech conference in Utah and have just finished a week of studying the history of Scotland including speeding through a re-watch of A History of Scotland. Today between videos, I attempted to extricate my Gartshore relatives from the ones that came over to Canada and made a name for themselves as industrialists in the Hamilton, Ontario area.

I had been in contact with a lady from Ontario some time ago who made it clear that her family were well-known and in so many words, we were the poorer cousins. Again, this brings to mind my “theory of two brothers” in which each family will have two brothers who separate and create fortunes of their own, good or bad. Apparently, my mom’s family goes WAY back in Britain and didn’t leave at all except for the few that came over after the turn of the century.

I have to say though that any family who can survive the triumphs and trials of living in the Britain of long ago has something to talk about!

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