Two Great Arrivals!

On Sunday last after 9 months and 2 long weeks of waiting my 4th granddaughter arrived. She will live 4000 miles away from me so I welcomed the first phone call from her mom today. At the same time, the doorbell rang and I finally received the package I have been waiting for from England containing 1 of my books on Edward 1. I actually just finished reading the one by Marc Morris ( A Great and Terrible King) on Kobo yesterday. However that did not include pictures. The other book came from Oregon  but Amazon will hold both orders and send them together for you. Today is the 28th of May and I ordered the books on the 15th. As I stated previously, I was having trouble locating the 2 books here in Canada as well as finding them at a reasonable price. One location wanted $80 and upwards for either book.  I reckon that I saved at least $100. Don’t forget that I had to get a refund for the digital format because it wouldn’t work on my Kobo.

I had managed to find Prestwich’s book on Google Books (not to be confused with Google Play) but only in scanned form so I would have had to sit at the computer to read it. I guess I need to break down and get a tablet, though it has occurred to me that it would be horrible to lose the use of your e-reader. Then you simply would not have the book! As a caveat to my complaining about the Kobo, one thing I did appreciate was being able to look up words as I went. There are just a FEW of them in medieval studies!

I was especially thrilled to receive the book by Michael Prestwich on Edward because he is considered somewhat of an authority on the subject. As I read that, I will be comparing it to Marc Morris’s book. I will however, attempt to give a short report on some of the things that stood out as I read the book. First, I will have to review the actual book and look at the pictures. Oh yes, don’t forget that I share the name of William de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, one of Edwards best friends. Until Edward pushed him a little to far. . . . . .

Royal Mail!

                                Royal Mail!

From Oregon

                          From Oregon

Edward 1 by Prestwich

                          Edward 1

A Great and Terrible King

          A Great and Terrible King

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