No one can understand the horrors of war without having been there. That is why the old men remain silent, the old widows and mothers remain silent. I cannot imagine losing my sons in battle and I cannot imagine the evil that unleashed itself during the war. Today, I would like to remember all the people in my family who fought for our freedom.

Lance Corporal Robert G. Smith who died May 09, 1915 and is buried among the white crosses in Flanders.


His brothers James,John and Samuel Smith.

Robert, James and Sam Smith 1914

Robert, James and Sam Smith 1914

Members of the Fraser family. Alex, Robert, James and John.

Members of the Beauchamp family. Rene, Leo, Paul and my father Edmond who although his upper right arm was crippled by polio, donned a uniform.

 Ed Beauchamp 1940

Ed Beauchamp 1940

Paul and Ed Beauchamp 1942

My aunts, Margaret and Eveline Phillips who also served. My aunt reminding me that things were still tough for military people when they got home and found no jobs.

There are others of course, but this is my chance to say thank you for helping to preserve our freedom.

2 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. FYI: My son, (your cousin) Lieutenant(N) Nikita Alexander Forsyth Kovaloff is a decorated member of the Canadian Armed Forces. He has served in Afghanistan and in the Caribbean (drug smuggling). Deborah Forsyth, daughter of Eveline (Phillips) Forsyth


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