No Invitation

Last week I made a small contribution to the Wikipedia foundation. Yes, the pop-ups for donations were very annoying.  I was very promptly tweeted back with an UNSOLICITED letter from Wikipediocracy a group who considers itself  the watchdog of all things Wikepedic. To this I would like to say, give people a little credit!  Any serious scholar would never depend on just one source for their information and though I feel a responsibility to my readers, it is up to them to do the same.

Wikipedia makes itself user friendly and is edited probably as well as most other sources. It also provides a certain amount of publicity for the subjects. After all, doesn’t everything we read require judgment? Sadly there are people who lack judgment and follow everything they read, see or hear.

As for the internal goings-on, I expect if there is anything illegal going on it will be found out and dealt with. And aren’t some of the complaints from former employees?

In the meantime, I will continue to use other sources as well as Wikipedia. They provide a service which I find useful and it is my choice to do so.



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