Happy Birthday to Me!

On this day, awhile ago shall we say, I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba to my beautiful mother, Sheila Joy Richard Phillips and my father Edmond Guillaume Daniel Beauchamp. I was a bonny wee lass, here in the arms of my maternal grandmother, Jane Smith Phillips.

Babe in Arms

I was a bit fussed over, being the first child of a couple who were head over heels. Both had a rough childhood, my father being the victim of polio when he was young and losing the use of his right forearm. My mother was shipped off when she was 16 from the farm to the city.

Not many years ago, I came into some photos of my childhood through an aunt. The first I had seen. On the back of each was the scratchy handwriting of my father, who died at 45 from a heart attack. On this one, he had written “Yolande says ” Hey Dad! Look at me, I’m dancing.”

On the back of another photo, he had written, “This was a proud day for Mom too in her bright red taffeta dress”. It inspired me to create this picture of Mom and I. She just looks radiant. What they were celebrating I don’t know.

There were many hard times ahead of them but on this day I want to say thanks to Mom and Dad for making me the person I am today. You taught me hope and determination and love of family. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy birthday Yolanda!! I will be in Magnet for Aunt Velma’s service and look forward to meeting you. I remember Grandma and Grandpa and being in Ochre River very well and don’t live far from there now. My sister Jean also is here.
    Your cousin Ann Heather (nee Phillips)George)

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  2. Hi Ann, I have been wondering where you were for ages. Mom had some old pics of your family and I have been hanging on to them for awhile. I will bring them when I come. My sister Bonny lives in Winnipeg and is sorting the service out from there. I will be coming from outside of Vancouver. Look forward to seeing you too!


  3. I would also like to say -we went for a drive to Magnet couple summers back and came across the cemetery and grandma and grandpas and uncle Georges grave were all together and was so impressed with the well maintained cemetery there out in the country.


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