Lest We Forget

Some of you may know that I work with a variety of people tutoring English. Some are very young.  One of them is from worn-torn Cambodia. He knows little of the war having come over so young but his mother remembers. We have been working on C.S. Lewis’s  “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” and were talking about how the children in the story had to evacuate London during WWII.  Of course, the subject came up of another global war happening  and I found myself thrown into the same conversation I have had with my own children. There would be no war because nuclear armament has advanced so much we would simply be gone. What do we tell our children, to vote the right people in ? Disarmament must happen. Who will do it?

Today, I remember the soldiers in my family, my great-uncle Robert Smith lying in Flanders in an unmarked grave and his brothers, James and Samuel Smith from Glasgow. All the brothers of the Fraser family of Dublin, Ireland  and all the boys in my fathers family, Rene, Leo, and Paul Beauchamp of St. Boniface, Manitoba. My father Edmond who had been crippled by polio served at home. My aunts Margaret and Evelyn Phillips who served in the Womens Army Corps.

Thank you for your service.